A universal app for OpenStreetMap

Start by typing your query into the searchbox.
Or click any item on the map.

eg. Empire State Building Statues of Charles bridge

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All map data is from OpenStreetMap, a map created by millions of contributors — similar to Wikipedia. You can find Edit button on each map feature.

About OsmAPP

This application should offer a convenient interface for everyday use of OpenStreetMap including editing options.
Currently it includes various map layers, POI editing and a basic search engine. Features such as navigation or favorite places are planned.

You may suggest new features on GitHub.

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Special thanks to

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MapTiler – for awesome vector maps
and for supporting this project ❤️


OpenStreetMap and OSM are a trademark of the OpenStreetMap Foundation. This project is not endorsed by or affiliated with the OpenStreetMap Foundation.

Vector maps ("Basic" and "Outdoor") contain some place names from the Wikidata project, more here.